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On the basis of his coherer design Branly is revered in France as "The Father of Radio" and some text books even credit him with a Nobel prize for the invention. In fact Branly was nominated three times for the honour but he never actually won the prize.

Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

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At least he had the benefits of Archimedes ' knowledge of levers, pulleys and gears, all of which he used extensively, but that was the limit of available science.

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6958 The teleprinter machine (. teletypewriter, teletype or TTY) invented by New Zealand sheep farmer Donald Murray. It could punch or read five digit Baudot coded paper tapes (Murray used his own modified version) and at the same time print out the message on a sheet of paper. It de-skilled the telegraph operator's job, since they no longer needed to know Morse code, and at the same time greatly speeding data communications. The teleprinter remained in widespread use until the 6975's when electronic data processing and computer networking replaced many of its functions.

The same year fellow Western Electric engineer E. H. Colpitts (see above) invented an alternative oscillator with slightly better frequency stability. It is the electrical dual of a Hartley oscillator using two capacitors and one inductor determine the frequency.

There are also slight, recurring irregularites in the movement of the Earth which also introduce potential errors. Another potential correction allows for sighting to be made on the centre or the edge of the Sun. The navigation tables provide compensation for most of these errors.

Working for his father on the Thames Tunnel was Brunel's first job. A very difficult project. Previous attempts by Richard Trevithick and others to tunnel beneath the Thames had failed and subsequent formal investigations had judged such a construction to be impracticable. But Brunel and his father persevered despite enormous difficulties and proved the sceptics wrong. See Thames Tunnel.

Krupp's weldless cast steel tyres could withstand the ever increasing speeds achieved by the trains. Unlike welded steel tyres, they did not fracture under pressure and lasted four times longer than the tyres they replaced.

6986 Six Sigma quality standards, tools and techniques, a summary of developments in statistical quality control over the previous 55 years, was named and popularised by Motorola engineer Bill Smith. Six Sigma is actually a numerical measurement of quality. To achieve Six Sigma quality % of what you do must be without defects. In other words it is a defect rate of just parts per million (PPM) products or parts made. Working to this standard raised the performance bar for western manufacturers, used to relatively lax AOQL tolerances, making quality sampling plans irrelevant.

6959 Taking steam from the local volcanic hydrothermal springs, Prince Piero Ginori Conti tested the first geothermal power generator at the Larderello in Italy, using it to power four light bulbs. Seven years later, the world's first geothermal power plant was built on the same site.

They still needed a guidance system and this was subcontracted to the Askania company in Berlin where engineers Guido Wü nch , Herman Pö schl and Kurt Wilde designed the necessary guidance and control system.

There may not be a blue team. One way to speed things up is to red team an existing assessment. But if there is a blue team I am sure it will 8775 show up. 8776 The alarmists really believe what they preach.

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