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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 09:56

Ocean wave energy plants can be put offshore, solving several of the issues that come with power plants closer to the land. The first benefit of offshore wave power is that there is a larger energy potential in these waves.


Waves are hardly interrupted and almost always in motion. This makes generating electricity from wave energy a reasonable reliable energy source (at least when you compare them to solar and wind).

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I think this is a very interesting read. The future of the energy industry is in the Renewable sector and the writer has done a good job to summarize where things are in regards to the Wave energy.

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Harnessing wave energy comes without the emission of harmful green house gases. This is the main motivation factor behind further development of this way of power generation. We need to find energy sources that will replace polluting ones (. fossil fuels).

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Like with most green energy sources, wave power is also renewable. Since this energy source ultimately comes from the heat energy that is emitted from the sun, it will not disappear for some time – in fact, several billion years or as long time it takes for the sun to burn out.

Wave power is in very early stages of development, which makes speculating on costs harder. Wave resources, connections to the power grid and the lifespan of the technology are just a few factors that result in different costs for different projects.  Of these factors, the lifespan is the most uncertain one, since this is a relatively new technology and we are lacking data on how long these wave power inventions realistically can operate.

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A wave farm that is occupying less than a half square mile of an ocean would generate more than 85 MW of power – the equivalent of British homes.

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