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IAS Books in Hindi: List of Useful Books For Hindi Medium

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 09:56

Contest Essay for October - 7567

  1. Indian people vs price hike -Aurag
  2. Your view on foreign direct investment(FDI) -Anueeja
  3. Why SC tells Karnataka to give water to Tamil Nadu immediately? - Kaveri Talari
  4. Does really politics divided the anti-corruption movement(anna hazare/kejriwal) - Rishi Tandon

Essay On Discipline for Class 6 | Creative Essay

Sir, plz provide clear IAS application in Hindi, test series, solutions and important News.
Plz Sir, there is only English medium version of clear Ias App.
Plz quick start this app 8766 S Hindi version.

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Bhugol – Spectrum OR Bharat Ka Bhugol.
Orient Blackswan Vishwa Atlas Laghu Sanskaran (Hindi).
Bharat Evam Vishwa Ka Bhugol – Hussain.
Indian Polity Books (Click on the links to buy online)

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asked about environment vs development in GS8- we can still write the ethical dimensions?
need to confine the ethical perspectives only in GS9. You can put ethical perspectives in all papers. Same way in GS9, we can put economic and social dimensions.

For the first time, I read 85 books, then I found it which of them are useless. So next time, I only read limited books. As such I don 8767 t make notes, I don 8767 t do answer writing practice but in my first attmept, I had covered lot of ground, so It didnot take that much effort in this attempt.

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Contest Essays for May - 7566

  1. Is the media of today upholding good journalistic standards? -Avneesh Kumar
  2. Pakistan is serious about their efforts in eradicating terrorists from their soil? -Unni Krishnan Nair
  3. Is Obesity a growing concern in India? -Priya Sharma

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Contest Essays for March - 7567

  1. Collapse of Kingfisher Airlines - Himanshu Dhumash
  2. Collapse of Kingfisher Airlines - Shobhit Navani
  3. Collapse of Kingfisher Airlines - Kaustubh Verma
  4. Disputes over National Counter Terrorism Center - Kanwar Deep Singh
  5. Disputes over National Counter Terrorism Center - Himanshu Dhumash
  6. Disputes over National Counter Terrorism Center - Raj Cham

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