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I think we all agree that corporate meat and feedlot meat production is an abomination and should be stopped as soon as possible. The way to do this is NOT to avoid meat, but to support the farms and farmers that raise meat in a conscientious and careful way, INSTEAD of buying the cheap, mass produced, and inhumanely treated commercial meats. There are farmers out there who truly care about the meats and milk that they produce, and as a measure of ethics, they feed their own families the same food that they sell us. They TRULY CARE.

The Most Dangerous Job excerpted from the book Fast Food

Compared to other GS papers, Essay does not have a fixed syllabus. Instead, for writing an essay, the knowledge gained after thoroughly preparing for the General Studies papers is sufficient.

APPENDIX B: Multiple Intelligences

Wonderful! I 8767 ve believed for a long time that plants are just as sentient as any other living beings, even if we don 8767 t know how to talk to them. (It 8767 s also why I take stories of tribal shamans learning from plants at face value.) No matter what appears on my plate, at some point it was alive. Plus, plenty of plants produce substances meant to sicken and even kill predators, so the idea that plants are just giving of themselves for sustenance does not sit right with me.

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Specific Issues
There are also issues specific to the streams which impact HES. The arts and commerce U& C( like JNU, DU) usually lack vocational training courses to make their students employable. This acts as a deterrent for many seeking employment post graduation, rendering arts less popular.

aggie i think u r wrong the only option was to write in favor of the topic. it is not a debate u have to write an essay on given topic read the qsn again for example topic 6 can u write aginst that only in second choice u can write in both the ways but not in 6 8 and 9 topic..sorry

Some people think that spending time on watching tv is spoiling the quality of opponents argue that television is a bliss for ,in this essay i am going to explain my view on this topic with relevant examples.

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It is very important to address this issue and it is suggested that people should be educated about their daily diet. This is a sane suggestion and it might replace the trend of “ready-made, or preserved or fast food 8776 meals with healthy eating habits. There are many useful options available to encourage this for example through food channels and magazines. It can develop interest in cooking and make people aware about the daily need\intake of nutrients.

Oh dear. Chickens, in my life-long experience of raising them, don’t give two farts about you taking their eggs. With rare exceptions, they only time they put up a fuss about having their eggs taken is when they are broody, which generally lasts a few days, and then they are back to their usual cheerful selves pecking about in the farmyard.

I do want to share my own experience, which of course is my own and doesn 8767 t mean that another person 8767 s experience or view point is wrong or right. It 8767 s just my own experience, no more or less.

Similarly, McDonalds should realize that promotion of its products is not merely an advertising function. It should come up with both advertising campaigns and promotional strategy that is defined by the nature of the market, the size of the market and the tastes as well as preferences of the customers. In so doing, McDonalds should design on the promotional mix that address the element of price, product and market in the way the customer will feel obliged to consume the product.

Nature has endowed us with enough resources to live a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing life. But our greed is leading to the rapid extinction of these resources. If we keep abusing these resources at this rate, nothing will be left for our future generation. We must use these resources in a sustainable way so that they can be used by our generations to come. As Gandhi has said, “The world has enough for everyone 8767 s need, but not enough for everyone 8767 s greed. 8776

8775 A predatory mother feeding its 8776 this equates the morality of humans to that of animal instinct. It is an interesting comparison, but it goes against every consideration of 8766 morality 8767 that I can think of.

Path-breaking successes could have been achieved and we could have got our loving and caring nature once again. But again came the greed of humanity, now it was competitive greed. As developed countries were blamed to be the main culprit they saw themselves drawn into a web of monetary loss. They started bargaining with the developing ones to share the responsibility. Passing the buck game is going on and world for humanity is shrinking every day.

The cultivation of grains and soy, which are the foundation of the vegan diet, destroys topsoil. To understand the magnitude of devastation imposed by the erosion of topsoil takes some critical thinking and a willingness to see past the easy, pat solutions offered by the vegan community.

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