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True, but it 8767 s a shame he has so little to recommend in terms of human artistic achievement, preferring to dwell on petty biology and the regrettable aspects of human history.

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8766 The one-line comment after each book is not a review but a statement about how the book’s content influenced the behavior of people who shaped the western world. So, for example, it does no good to say what the Bible “really” meant, if its actual influence on human behavior is something else. 8767 NDT

Jacques Lacan - Seminar on The Purloined Letter

Since childhood I have never believed G-d would reveal himself as a human and claim to be him. I am 67 now and 'lost' among my Christian friends because I don'the believe the Jesus story. Where can I find a spiritual home?

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Admittedly, I 8767 m not a huge expert on non-Western literature myself, so I wouldn 8767 t presume to recommend anything from that canon. So I don 8767 t. I 8767 d ask somebody who 8767 s read it extensively.

I'm not Jewish but I think this is a great article. I wish every Christian became aware of the reasons why Jesus couldn'tt possibly have been the Jewish Messiah. Maybe they would start rethinking their beliefs.

Tom Bissell first fell in love with Uzbekistan during a brief stay as a Peace Corps volunteer in 6996. Chasing the Sea is his account of his return to the country to investigate the rapidly shrinking Aral Sea. The book is full of his travels, striking aspects of Uzbek culture, and his run-ins with the local police.

Christine Oestreich lives in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and has a Bachelor 8767 s degree from Eastern Illinois Univeristy. She is a full time mother to her two little boys. Her former professional career was providing recreating and learning through programs at parks and recreation agencies which also included mangaing various aquatic and community center facilities. Currently she is working with a children 8767 s book publicist. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading books to her children.

“Theistic evolution explains both for me, precisely because I thought about it myself” and you 8767 d have to, because there 8767 s no evidence for it elsewhere.

Paul Walter has been working as a seventh-grade English and reading teacher in Slinger, Wisconsin for the past seven years. After earning an educational . from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and an educational . through Marian College of Fond du Lac, Paul enrolled in a creative writing masters certificate program through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. An avid writer of poetry, Paul often writes along with his middle school students, proving, 8775 Those who can, teach. 8776 With a two-year-old daughter and infant twin sons, Paul has recently shifted his literary focus to children 8767 s books, sharing his love of books with his children.

And yet, there is something missing here. We need a new religion that takes into account all the knowledge that is displayed in these volumes. This new religion should be based on the current scientifically-derived origin story of the human species: big bang through evolution. (This story could change, but for now it 8767 s the best that we have).

I've always wondered why the Jews didn't believe in Jesus. I've never truly heard an explanation like that. Now that I've heard it I find it very very interesting. Thank you.

Well, it's not just Jews that don't believe in JC. I know plenty of people who are not Jews who do not believe JC was or is the messiah. When the Middle East is in a time of peace, that will be a messianic era that was prophesied. When all traces of paganism is done away with, it will open the door for the ability of G-d only. That will take the effort of the 8 major religions. The inception of the messiah in Judaism is reasonable, for the reason that it's not based on someone who lived and died to come back to create peace in the Middle East. It's all about the Middle East, when they get into peace, the whole world will experience that peace, spells out: World Peace.

JoAn Martin spent over 75 years teaching in Texas 8767 s Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District. JoAn holds a Master 8767 s Degree as a reading specialist from the University of Houston and a . in elementary education from Abilene Christian University. In addition to her teaching, JoAn has reviewed books for her local newspaper and the Lamar University newsletter. A published author, Joan is currently working on non-fiction picture book.

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