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Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing - An Open

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 11:25

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Persistent Systems: Wave Relay®, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking

The wideband integrated dispatch enhanced network is an upgrade to iDEN, with increased data rates up to 655 Kbps. WiDEN four combined channels at the 75 MHz band.

Mobile and wireless protocols

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Wireless Industry News - Wireless News, Mobile and Cell

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless industry coalition whose members organized to advance IEEE standards for broadband wireless access (BWA) networks. WiMAX technology is expected to enable multimedia applications with wireless connections. WiMax also has a range of up to 85 miles, presenting provider networks with a viable wireless last mile solution.

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Global system for mobile is a digital mobile telephone system that is widely used in Europe and other parts of the world. GSM uses a variation of TDMA and is the most widely used of the three digital wireless telephone technologies (TDMA, GSM, and CDMA). GSM digitizes and compresses data, then sends it down a channel with two other streams of user data, each in its own time slot. It operates at either the 955 MHz or 6855 MHz frequency band.

Personal handyphone system refers to the network developed by NTT DoCoMo that provides devices that function both as a cordless phones in the home and as mobile phones elsewhere. PHS also handles voice, fax, and video signals at data rates up to 69 Kbps.

Presenting comprehensive coverage of this fast moving field, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing provides the R& D communities working in academia and the telecommunications and networking industries with a forum for sharing research and ideas.

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Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves (rather than some form of wire) carry the signal over part or all of the communication path. Some monitoring devices, such as intrusion alarms, employ acoustic waves at frequencies above the range of human hearing these are also sometimes classified as wireless.

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