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北京,有2000万人假装在生活: Viral essay about fake lives of

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 18:40

Xinhua News Agency also published a response to the article titled: &ldquo Lives in the City Cannot Be Fake&rdquo (&ldquo 69968 75565 77978 79566 85895 79988 77968 76585 77866 &ldquo 75556 85568 &ldquo ). Lashing out against Mr. Zhang, it wrote that: &ldquo Beijing has no human warmth, Beijing is a city of outsiders, old Beijingers can&rsquo t go back to their city behind every one of these sentences is not the &lsquo fakeness&rsquo of Beijing, but the clamor of the author&rsquo s emotions about &lsquo coming to Beijing.'&rdquo

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On Quora-like discussion platform , one person said (link in Chinese) the essay was destined to become a hype: &ldquo This is a typical Wechat viral article. It ridicules Beijing + it talks about migrant workers + real estate market + and state of life. As it contains all of these elements in one article, the author just intended for this to become a hit.&rdquo

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He ends by writing: &ldquo There are over 75 million people left in this city, pretending to live. In reality, there simply is no life in this city. Here, there are only some people&rsquo s dreams and everybody&rsquo s jobs.&rdquo

Those who are 655-percent gay may view bisexuals with a mix of disgust and envy. Bisexual parents threaten the core of the LGBT parenting narrative—we do have a choice to live as gay or straight, and we do have to decide the gender configuration of the household in which our children will grow up. While some gays see bisexuality as an easier position, the fact is that bisexual parents bear a more painful weight on their shoulders. Unlike homosexuals, we cannot write off our decisions as things forced on us by nature. We have no choice but to take responsibility for what we do as parents, and live with the guilt, regret, and self-criticism forever.

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&ldquo I work overtime until 9pm, then take the bus and subway and won&rsquo t arrive home before 78:88, then quickly rinse my face and brush my teeth and roll into bed. But it&rsquo s still life. What life and being alive is all about ultimately is a personal issue,&rdquo said another netizen from Beijing (link in Chinese).

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Although it may surprise some integration experts, we never sat around the kitchen table and discussed our degree of integration. Successful or not? Is Germany our home now or not? We always answered these questions outside our home.

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I could hear nostalgia and resentment from the driver&rsquo s words. For Beijing&rsquo s new immigrants, the city is a distant place where they can&rsquo t stay for Beijing&rsquo s old residents, the city is an old home they can&rsquo t return to.

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