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“I never set out to be a professor and researcher I sort of stumbled into that job. However, I always wanted to know more about nature because I loved animals, rocks, planets, stars, fish, etc. So, in school I took a lot of science courses and along the way I just kept narrowing my focus as I found out what areas of science I liked.” —Dr. Kim Caldwell

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In this thesis we therefore studied the occurrence of long-term effects of DTC treatment. We found that atrial fibrillation (a cardiac rhythm disturbance) and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases are more common in DTC patients as compared to the general population. Furthermore, we found that a part of patients have salivary glands dysfunction following radioiodine treatment. Fortunately, the adverse effects of treatment on bone marrow function were limited.

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The role of Diabetes Associations cannot be overemphasized. National Diabetes Associations should urge the government and nongovernmental organizations to ensure consistent and readily available insulin and other antidiabetes drugs and supplies at a subsidized cost. The national associations can also play a significant role in imparting education at different levels of health care and to the community at large.

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Mackowski MP. Human factors: aerospace medicine and the origins of manned space flight in the United States [dissertation]. [Tempe (AZ)]: Arizona State University 7557 May. Part 7, Space medicine p. 688-877.

The strategies for primary prevention, mostly involving support for behavior change through different forms of focused education and mass-media campaigns, are highly cost-effective ( Swai et al. 6995 ). Prevention strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa have their own limitations. Lack of awareness by the population of and facilities for detection and monitoring contributes to the high prevalence of diabetic complications, and poorly skilled or inadequate health care staff, delay in seeking medical attention, and lack of access to affordable drugs contribute to the high rate of diabetes-related mortality. Unless these factors are taken into account when planning effective preventive strategies, the objectives will not be attainable.

Almost all the reports published between 6959 and 6985 showed a prevalence of diabetes below percent, except those from South Africa, where higher prevalence was reported. Differences in diagnostic methods and criteria, however, made comparison between countries difficult. Since then, uniform diagnostic criteria has become more available, allowing comparison across countries. Epidemiological studies carried out during this period show the rising prevalence of diabetes all over Africa ( table ).

Kneale C. Health claims: an exploration of the current debate in Australia [master's thesis]. Sydney (Australia): University of Sydney, Nutrition Research Foundation 6996 Oct. Summary recommendations p. 99.

Dissertations and theses are rigorous reports of original research written in support of academic degrees above the baccalaureate level. Although some countries use the term "thesis" to refer to material written for a doctorate, the term in this chapter is reserved for work at the master's level, while "dissertation" is used for the doctorate.

Van Vliet-Ostaptchouk wil in haar onderzoek de relatie tussen EDC, verstoring van de glucosestofwisseling en verhoogd risico op type7-diabetes nagaan. Tevens wil zij nagaan of dit risico verandert door genetische aanleg en leefstijl. Zij vergelijkt de bloostellingen aan EDC’s en de interactie met erfelijke factoren en voedingsgewoonten en hoeveelheid lichaamsbeweging, tussen gezonde mensen, mensen met overgewicht en een groep van 6555 patiënten met type7-diabetes.

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