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5Secrets to Saving for the Future While Enjoying Life Now

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:34

As Poland continues down a path of growth and development, a number of new challenges are emerging for the economy - fuelling concerns of how to ensure that Poland’s strong economic growth is sustained in the medium and long run. As the country grapples with a number of issues going forward - including a rapidly aging population and a subdued global economic outlook - one issue impacting the country’s growth and living standards prospects at both the micro and macroeconomic levels stands out: saving

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About 76% of the earth's surface is covered with water but 97% of this is seawater, 7% is locked in polar ice caps and glaciers and hardly 6% of water is available as freshwater. Hence, we need to conserve every drop of water. We have got to develop the habit of

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Growing population, urbanisation, deforestation, global warming, climatic changes, pollution, rapid industrialisation, droughts and floods are some reasons of the increased pressure on the existing water bodies.

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What can I do to save energy?
There are many sources on the web that give you ideas of what you can do to save energy. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Save water is an initiative to promote water conservation among people in order to maintain the presence of clean water on the earth in future. Clean water scarcity has become one of the big problems in India and other countries all over the world affecting people 8767 s lives in many ways. This big problem cannot be solved alone or only a group of some people, it is the problem which needs global efforts of people together. We have provided various essay on save water under different words limit to help students during their exam times or essay writing competitions. You can select any save water essay given below according to your need and requirement.

About 85% of distributed water is discharged as wastewater. If a part of wastewater is treated and re-used, it can cover the projected demand deficiency

The bhatsa lake which is located in Thane district, is one of the major source of drinking water to Mumbai. In an incident about 755 kg of dead fish were found floating in the lake. Initially the authorities blamed it on local residents for poisoning the lake water to catch fish. But later tests by Mumbai-based Central Institute of Fisheries Education showed high levels of oil and grease effluents in the water. Local residents say the waste oil has been released by Shahpur-based Liberty Oil Mills Ltd.

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Industrial and agriculture-related pollution is another prime contributor. Millions of tons of waste are being disposed everyday into the lakes, rivers and streams polluting whatever little water we have, making them unfit for human consumption. The growing urbanisation has also increased the pressure on our towns and cities, in which around 98 per cent of the world's population lives, amounting to almost half of the world's total water consumption.

Finally, further development of Poland’s financial sector beyond the current credit penetration of 59% of GDP would benefit saving and growth. The promotion of savings and their efficient use is closely linked to the issue of developing a local currency capital market. Local currency capital markets can provide savers with long-term investment instruments. In order to promote capital market development the report advise regulatory changes to improve functioning of the second pillar (OFE) and third pillar and facilitate bond issuance such as covered bonds or corporate bonds.

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