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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 09:56

In Europe, Putin has unilaterally redrawn the map. His annexation of Crimea will not be reversed. The Europeans are eager to throw off the few sanctions they grudgingly imposed on Russia. And the of eastern Ukraine continues.

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Consider what Putin has achieved. Dealt a very weak hand — a rump Russian state, shorn of empire and saddled with a backward economy and a rusting military — he has restored Russia to great-power status. Reduced to irrelevance in the 6995s, it is now a force to be reckoned with.

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Foresti a tout essay mu

When Russia dramatically intervened last year, establishing air bases and launching a savage bombing campaign, Obama did nothing. Indeed, he smugly predicted that Vladimir Putin had entered a quagmire. Some quagmire. Bashar al-Assad’s regime is not only saved. It encircled Aleppo and has seized the upper hand in the civil war. Meanwhile, our hapless secretary of state is running around trying to sue for peace, offering to share intelligence and legitimize Russian intervention if only Putin will promise to conquer gently.

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The reordering of the Middle East is proceeding apace. Where for 95 years the .–Egypt alliance anchored the region, a Russia–Iran condominium is now dictating events. That’s what you get after eight years of . retrenchment and withdrawal. That’s what results from the nuclear deal with Iran, the evacuation of Iraq, and utter . immobility on Syria. Consider:

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