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To begin with,watching tv for a long time is waste of can create lots of health problems as well as mental instance,some people tend to watch tv while they eat they do not understand how much do they they will end up with viewer 8767 s give much preference for unimporant tv programmes such series and reality they will isolate themselves and some psychological ilness develops among example depression and ,children who watch tv for a long time will be like kids tend to behave ,act and talk like their super heroes.

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The national press is likely to be among the first institutional victims of Trumpism. There is no law that requires the presidential administration to hold daily briefings, none that guarantees media access to the White House. Many journalists may soon face a dilemma long familiar to those of us who have worked under autocracies: fall in line or forfeit access. There is no good solution (even if there is a right answer), for journalism is difficult and sometimes impossible without access to information.

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A group's process is more effective when members explicitly identify and commit to following rules about how they will act. Instituting ground rules against personal attacks , for example, can help to keep uncertainty or hostility from becoming issues in themselves. Ground rules for attendance can likewise be important, as the group may be prevented from making decisions or may lack critical information if a key person is absent. [65]

Dear Liz,
I have confusions regarding 8775 Advantages/Disadvantages 8776 type of question.
Like do you think this trend has more advantages or disadvantages?
Do the drawbacks outweigh the benefits?
In these type of questions do we need to write both advantages and disadvantages even we agree on one side?

Question: Many students take a year off between finishing high score and going to university. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
Into: Having a gap year before starting tertiary education is becoming increasing popular. I believe that although there may be problems with this, in the long run it is more beneficial and helps students developing into more rounded characters.

It will affect your score for Coherence and Cohesion which is 75% of your marks and includes the logical order of information and ideas. It is not logical to change the order.

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Hi there,
The teacher used that statement because if you go back to video she presented in the section of Discussion Essay Useful Language. She introduced the most important statements should be utilised. Therefore, I would advice to be on the sife side and use one of them better.
Best regards,

I did my speaking test today, it went well, your model question of country side was asked, I did very well based on your teachings and input given by you, for which I am greatful to you. your teaching was so useful and its free. May God bless you for all the good work that are doing. LRW exam on Saturday and preparing for that based on all your teaching. Thank you once again. Regards, Samuel Raj

One evident benefit to having one global language is that it would enable greater understanding between countries. In other words, if everyone spoke one language, there would be complete understanding between not only countries but all people throughout the world which would promote learning, the flow of information and ideas. Another reason that one language would be advantageous is that it would help economic growth. With all people speaking the same language, there will be less barriers and therefore trade would flourish between countries, resulting in a healthier world economy.

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