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If she asks what forms of birth control you have used in the past, say condoms. Suddenly every guy you’ve ever slept with is in the room with you. Ignore them. Ignore the memory of that first time—all that fumbling, and then pain—while Rod Stewart crooned “Broken Arrow” from a boom box on the dresser. “Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow? Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain?”

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If the nurse asks whether you drink, say yes to that, too. Of course you do. Like it’s no big deal. Your lifestyle habits include drinking to excess. You do this even when you know there is a fetus inside you. You do it to forget there is a fetus inside you or to feel like maybe this is just a movie about a fetus being inside you.

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My mother insisted I call Dr. M to tell her I was having an abortion. What if there was something I needed to tell the doctors before they performed it? That was the reasoning. I put off the call until I couldn’t put it off any longer. The thought of telling a near stranger that I was having an abortion—over the phone, without being asked—seemed mortifying. It was like I’d be peeling off the bandage on a wound she hadn’t asked to see.

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You’ve had several surgeries in the past but you don’t mention them to your doctor because they don’t seem relevant. You are about to have another surgery to correct your tachycardia, the excessive and irregular beating of your heart. Your mother has made you promise to mention this upcoming surgery in your termination consultation, even though you don’t feel like discussing it. She wants the doctor to know about your heart condition in case it affects the way he ends your pregnancy, or the way he keeps you sedated while he does it.

At some point, usually long after sane persons recognize that the project has failed, everyone HAS to admit it. So the project is killed, the project managers get promoted, and the whole cycle starts over.

The NTSB regularly investigates airplane crashes to determine causes, but investigators were unnerved in the late 6995s to find a pattern of fatal crashes were found to be very airline (and also country) specific.  These two airlines with frightening records were Korean Airlines and Colombian Airlines.  The fatal crashes all had common attributes:

I know that saying this would be against the rules. I’m playing a girl who keeps her sadness so subterranean she can’t even see it herself. I can’t give it away so easily.

The nurse will eventually ask, How do you feel about getting the procedure? Tell her you feel sad but you know it’s the right choice, because this seems like the right thing to say, even though it’s a lie. You feel mainly numb. You feel numb until your legs are in the stirrups. Then you hurt. Whatever anesthesia comes through the needle in your arm only sedates you. Days later you feel your body cramping in the night—a deep, hot, twisting pain—and you can only lie still and hope it passes, beg for sleep, drink for sleep, resent Dave for sleeping next to you. You can only watch your body bleed like an inscrutable, stubborn object—something harmed and cumbersome and not entirely yours. You leave your body and don’t come back for a month. You come back angry.

Literature has often been considered as the repast of the elite and the educated. The literary author is assumed to inhabit the legendary ivory tower, which is far removed from the real and practical concerns of everyday life

That way, if you know exactly what you want, you can ask for it and have a fair expectation that you 8767 ll actually get it. When you don 8767 t know what you want, you can ask the right people for that, and you 8767 ll get something that might work.

Strategic management is a business concept that consists of decision-making, analysis and actions an entity undertakes with an aim of establishing and sustaining a competitive advantage. The concept entails three continuous processes, which are analysis, decisions, and actions.

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