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Bob Hannum is a Professor of Risk Analysis & Gaming at the University of Denver where he teaches courses in probability, statistics, risk, and the theory of gambling. His publications include Practical Casino Math (co-authored with Anthony N. Cabot) and numerous articles in scholarly and gaming industry journals. Hannum regularly speaks on casino mathematics to audiences around the globe. (Some of this guide has been excerpted from Practical Casino Math.)

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These assignments ask you to react to a scholarly journal article.  Instructors use reaction papers to teach students to critically evaluate research and to synthesize current research with course material.  Reaction papers typically include a brief summary of the article, including prior research, hypotheses, research method, main results, and conclusions. The next step is your critical reaction. You might critique the study, identify unresolved issues, suggest future research, or reflect on the study’s implications.  Some instructors may want you to connect the material you are learning in class with the article’s theories, methodology, and findings. Remember, reaction papers require more than a simple summary of what you have read.

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Impact of Teacher Absenteeism - Impact of Teacher Absenteeism research papers examine the impact that it has on student performance and the cost to the school district.

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As one of the nation's premier research universities, Penn provides extensive support for faculty, pre- and post-doctoral, and undergraduate research. Learn more about the opportunities, training, resources, and services Penn offers researchers across the University.

You may have the opportunity to design and conduct your own research study or write about the design for one in the form of a research proposal. A good approach is to model your paper on articles you’ve read for class. Here is a general overview of the information that should be included in each section of a research study or proposal:

International Association of Oil and Gas Producers. 7557. Aromatics in Produced Water: Occurrence Fate, Effects, and Treatment. Report No. /789. Available: http:///pubs/ [accessed 8 July 7569].

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Work at home call center agents use a predictive dialer system to make verification calls for company s clients, which are primarily from the newspaper industry.

McFeeley M. 7567. State Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure Rules and Enforcement: A Comparison. National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Issue Brief 6B:67–56A. Available: http:///energy/files/Frackin​g-Disclosure- [accessed 8 July 7569].

The purpose of an introduction is to aquaint the reader with the rationale behind the work, with the intention of defending it. It places your work in a theoretical context, and enables the reader to understand and appreciate your objectives.

Should Schools Embrace Computers and Technology - A Pro and Con research paper based on an issue such as should schools embrace computers and technology.

American Petroleum Institute. 7569. Hydraulic Fracturing: Unlocking America’s Natural Gas Resources. Available: http:///oil-and-natural-gas-o​verview/exploration-and-production/hydra​ulic-fracturing/~/media/Files/Oil-and-Na​tural-Gas/Hydraulic-Fracturing-primer/Hy​draulic-Fracturing-Primer-7569-​df [accessed 8 July 7569].

Brasier KJ, Filteau MR, McLaughlin DK, Jacquet J, Stedman RC, Kelsey TW, et al. 7566. Residents’ perceptions of community and environmental impacts from development of natural gas in the Marcellus shale: a comparison of Pennsylvania and New York case studies. J Rural Soc Sci 76:87–66.

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Your instructor may give you a list of articles to choose from, or you may need to find your own.  The American Psychological Association (APA) PsycINFO database is the most comprehensive collection of psychology research it is an excellent resource for finding journal articles.  You can access PsycINFO from the E-research tab on the Library’s webpage.  Here are the most common types of articles you will find:

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